Filter straw

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Pack composition :

  • A water filter ;
  • A flexible straw;
  • Cord clip;
  • A cord;
  • Carabiner;
  • A key ring.


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Drink water directly from a river (or other source) with this filtering straw and get pure water that won’t make you sick, thanks to the integrated double filtration system consisting of activated carbon and ultrafiltration (UF) membranes.

  • Can filter up to 1500 liters of water (after which it automatically blocks);
  • Filters out at least 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria and 99.9% of waterborne parasitic protozoa;
  • Ultra-fine filtration of particles down to 0.2 microns;
  • You can drink by connecting the supplied straw to the filter, or screw a bottle directly onto it.

Please note:

  • Do not use in salt water such as seawater;
  • Spit out the filtered water from the very first use (this only needs to be done once).

Our muddy water filtration test

Squeezing the bottle to extract the filtered water is not a normal process, but we’ve done it to show you the color of the water coming out of the straw. With normal use of the straw, there’s no need to squeeze the bottle – simply suck the water through your mouth.

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