How to survive in the forest?

Surviving in the forest can be a difficult and daunting experience, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. With the right skills and knowledge, you can successfully survive in the wilderness. In this guide, we’ll give (…)

Survivalism: what is resilience?

What is resilience and how can it help prepare for survivalism? Resilience is the ability to adapt and recover from a difficult event or stressful situation. It can be defined as the ability to bounce (…)

Disposable surgical mask

Disposable surgical mask against coronavirus

When it comes to preventing coronavirus, disposable surgical mask is the subject of much conflicting information. Without affirming or denying anything, we are trying to untangle the true from the false to help you understand (…)

Cheap N95 mask

Where to buy a cheap N95 mask?

Amidst the shortage in shops and pharmacies, will you still be able to find some cheap N95 masks online? Yes, as long as you know where to look. Our complete shopping guide for finding masks (…)

Masque coronavirus

Which masks could be used against coronavirus?

To deal with the coronavirus, many citizens seek to protect themselves with a mask. But among the surgical masks, the “N95”, the disposable masks, the reusable ones… It is not always easy to find the (…)

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