Solar-powered crank radio

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  • Radio, flashlight and powerbank ;
  • Charging by crank, solar panel or USB ;
  • Compact and versatile;
  • Waterproof (IPX3) ;
  • 2000 mAh battery ;
  • Recharges permanently by daylight alone;
  • 3 charging modes (solar, crank or USB) ;
  • CE standard.


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This device offers the functions of radio, flashlight and powerbank (for charging a cell phone or other equipment via USB). Compact, robust and lightweight, this solar-powered hand-cranked radio is a must-have piece of equipment, especially as it’s splashproof (IPX3).

This radio is available in 3 versions, with battery capacities of 800 mAh, 1300 mAh and 2000 mAh respectively. The model we offer here is the 2000 mAh model, which is more than sufficient for most uses, since the radio recharges as soon as it is exposed to daylight. There’s no need to expose it to direct sunlight in bright sunshine: its panel is so sensitive that daylight alone is enough to recharge it, even inside a building with the light from the windows.

Watch out for non-compliant models! Our equipment is tested and approved by our team, but many unscrupulous sellers take advantage of the fact that the radio has the same visual appearance regardless of its battery capacity to pass off models as something they’re not.

There are three ways to charge it:

  • By turning the crank for a few moments, energy is created and stored in the battery (dynamo principle);
  • By leaving the device exposed to daylight so that the solar panel on its top can capture and store energy in turn;
  • Via USB cable (supplied).

Its size (13 x 6 x 4 cm) and weight (210 g ) make it easy to slip into a bag, and its lanyard (supplied) allows it to be attached to a belt or any other item such as a tent pole or branch. We appreciate its reliability, but also the power of its flashlight.

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