Where to buy a cheap N95 mask?

Cheap N95 mask

Amidst the shortage in shops and pharmacies, will you still be able to find some cheap N95 masks online? Yes, as long as you know where to look. Our complete shopping guide for finding masks at decent prices: the good deals, the ones to avoid, and a selection of products to help you.

Will cheap N95 masks disappear?

Most of the world’s largest e-commerce companies have decided to stop allowing sellers to offer N95 masks on their platforms. If you look for these products there, you may find that they are becoming increasingly difficult to find, if they have not already stopped existing.

And with good reason: in the midst of a shortage of masks due to the coronavirus, some sellers were taking advantage of the situation by offering products at steep prices. And unfortunately, in the haste of the moment, many users who wanted to protect themselves as quickly as possible, fell into their nets…

As it is technically impossible for these e-commerce sites to monitor the offers of each seller, whether private or professional, it was decided to eliminate the possibility of selling N95 masks temporarily; in order not to support abusive sales and to respect users from these services.

However, since N95 masks are no longer available in pharmacies, supermarkets or DIY stores, this poses a real problem for anyone who wants to be equipped with the most commonly recommended level of protection against the coronavirus: N95.

Can we still buy some cheap N95 masks?

The problem of delivery times

Buying N95 masks in the traditional places seems like an impossible task, but buying them online is a reliable alternative. As explained above, although e-commerce platforms try to block the sale of N95 masks (and surgical masks), some products still manage to slip through. But even if you luckily find them, there is another problem: delivery times.

The best-known sites usually have storage facilities in the buyer’s country. And these are currently subject to strict regulations due to the Covid-19: reduction of the workforce, safety distance between employees… On the other hand, these platforms concentrate their efforts by reserving the best terms they can offer for priority products such as food.

As a result, when the masks are finally found, delivery times could take up to several months. A blocking factor for anyone who is not yet equipped and wishes to receive the masks as soon as possible…

Sites to avoid

We do not recommend online auction sites, where many people try to sell non-compliant masks, and especially because it is often difficult to get your money back if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

Furthermore, we can only recommend avoiding at all costs those sites whose sole purpose is the sale of N95 masks and/or surgical masks. These sites created just for the coronavirus, and with no history that validate them, often hide scams and fake companies, despite their “professional” design and their so-called buyer testimonials.

Where can I buy a cheap N95 mask with a fast delivery service?

For all the reasons mentioned above, buying directly on foreign markets (particularly from China), paradoxically allows you to receive the masks faster than by ordering them from the sites usually used.

For an online purchase with reasonable delivery times, it will be necessary to use platforms less known to us. After trying several platforms, we chose Banggood, which is a reference in many countries, and whose masks are always sent the same day or the next day.

The prices are very competitive, the delivery times are the best you can find at the moment, and above all, the service is truly reliable. We have already carried out several test orders with them, which have been completed on time with a real follow-up.

Our selection of the most economical N95 masks

Here, you’ll be able to find some N95 mask lots (or FFP2 / KN95 by European / Chinese standards) that seem to be the most convenient at the moment. This list is constantly updated, in order to propose even more suitable offers as soon as we identified them, or to replace out of stock products.

10 N95 masks10 N95 masks$15.99
($1.59 a mask)
Delivered within
3 to 8 days
Shipped from USA
USA and CanadaView this offer
and 1180 customer reviews
UK & Ireland | Australia | Other countries
10 N95 masks5 N95 masks$15.99
($3.18 a mask)
Delivered within
3 to 8 days
Shipped from USA
USA and CanadaView this offer
and 904 customer reviews
UK & Ireland | Australia | Other countries

How much does a “cheap” N95 mask currently cost?

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, we have been constantly observing market prices in order to redirect our users to the best deals available today. A good offer for us is an N95 mask that really meets this level of filtration, delivered within a reasonable time range, even if it is inevitably longer than usual due to the particular situation with understaffed employees; without forgetting at a price that corresponds to those on the market.

Because there is indeed a market price. We were also able to notice that N95 certified masks were priced at 3€ each, (and on average between 2,50€ y 3,50€), sold in bulks of at least 10 pieces. In fact, it is difficult to find good prices on masks sold individually, and the cost of shipping makes it an unsuitable offer.

But, buying in bulk is not a bad thing at all, since an N95 mask only has a lifespan of 8 hours and cannot be put back on once used (even if it has been worn for less than 8 hours).

What should we think about the price increase of N95 masks?

The fact that the price of N95 masks has skyrocketed is not abnormal. It is the law of the market, the law of supply and demand that meets with any product or service. And in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, demand has far exceeded supply. Therefore, it is “normal” that the price of N95 masks will increase compared to the usual prices; given the increasing scarcity of this product along with the growing interest of the population in it.

On the other hand, it is worth noting the attempts of some sellers to offer N95 masks not to a higher price, but much more expensive; taking advantage of the crisis, instead of adding a simple price increase, which all sellers would end up matching. There were products that were well above this new average, but given the urgent needs of some users, they were still easily sold

Another option was also to sell basic dust masks with low levels of filtration, passing them off as N95 certified masks. In this particular case, there was no need to overcharge them, as the margin was huge in view of the product low cost, which could make the offers even more attractive by being affordable.

What about the price of surgical masks?

Surgical masks have suffered exactly the same fate as N95 masks, with a higher market price currently accompanied by sellers who do not respect it and offer too expensive prices. Once again, it is better to select offers carefully, and to resort to less known platforms.

This is what we’ve done for you with a selection of surgical masks:

30 surgical masks50 surgical masks$11.99
($0.24 a mask)
Delivered within
3 to 8 days
Shipped from USA
USA and CanadaView this offer
and 1139 customer reviews
UK & Ireland | Australia | Other countries
50 surgical masks50 surgical masks
for child
($0.32 a mask)
Delivered within
15 to 20 days
(choose "USA Priority Mail" delivery)
USA and CanadaView this offer
e 82 customer reviews
UK & Ireland | Australia | Other countries

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